The Ultimate First-Year OT Experience

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This book describes Chicago Occupational Therapy’s unique first-year OT experience! It describes our organization’s culture of excellence and how we provide our first-year occupational therapists with a variety of clinical exposure and experience.

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Title: The Ultimate First-Year OT Experience

Authors: Shelly Sears, Sarah Zaas, Amanda Cortese

The First-Year OT Experience is a full-time position working in our thriving private practice in Chicago. In doing this, you will be immersed in our practice and gain experience to become an extraordinary OT.

First-year OTs report that the experience was life-changing for many reasons, including the opportunity to work closely with an exceptional team of mentors.

A few years ago, we were approached by university faculty about starting a mentorship program for new clinicians, since our therapeutic strategies were so effective. After careful thought and consideration, our highly skilled team of senior clinicians developed a secret formula that produces thriving therapists.

Chicago OT Therapy on Amazon Kindle