“I am so glad I found Chicago Occupational Therapy!”

What People Are Saying

  • “If you are in need of an OT for your child, look no further! Stephanie and Shelly do a wonderful job to provide the best therapy possible for each child. On top of being professional and compassionate, they are enthusiastic and go above and beyond while working in the class. Highly recommend!”
  • “I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Stephanie over the past one and a half years. She demonstrates excellent well-rounded occupational therapy skills. Stephanie has a magnificent way with the children and I have seen her provide them with therapeutic treatments tailored to each patient. Most of all, it has been a long time that I have met a person like Stephanie as she is the real thing: She is so sincere and caring in nature and is truly a person that you can trust and rely on.”
  • “Karen and her team continue to amaze me with the personalized care and compassion that they bring to each of their sessions. They always take the extra time to educate the families and the kids about the goals and progress being made during each session. The level of specialty that each of the therapists at Chicago Speech Therapy possesses is incomparable to any other practice in the area. They get to know the kiddos on a personal level and implement their likes and interests into each session in order to keep them engaged and motivated. The progress that the therapists at CST are making with each child will change their lives forever.”
  • “Karen and her team of therapists are some of the best and brightest individuals in their fields! The therapists at Chicago Occupational Therapy will go above and beyond in order to provide high quality care. These individuals are great with children and will always deliver the best care around! You will definitely be pleased with Chicago Occupational Therapy!”
  • “I love this company! They have provided therapies for several of my grandchildren – and all have done amazing. I have been more than impressed with every therapist I have met. And because four of my grandchildren received services from them, I have met several therapists. To a person, they were professional, on-time, energetic, and so incredible at their job. Each therapist was able to connect and motivate in such a positive way! Joe and Nick (two of my grandchildren) continue to thrive. I love you all. And Karen George is just a wonderful human being – thanks for everything you do for children. You all are sent from heaven. I don’t mean to ramble on an on, I’m just a thankful grandma.”
  • “If you are a parent who is concerned with a child, all you need to do is start calling around to see what is out there. I called four places in seeking help for my son. Half of them didn’t even call me back (after multiple calls) and one was rude on the phone. If they don’t care enough to call me back, what kind of job are they going to do with my child? When I called Karen’s practice, they actually answered the phone! I spoke to a kind and responsive staff person. Not only did they listen to all my concerns as I went on and on, the asked questions that revealed that they care. They then followed up with me the same day! I didn’t think this was possible. Now I am a big fan. I trust Karen and will forever refer her to parents.”

Additional Testimonials

Chicago Occupational Therapy is a must-go-to for pediatric occupational therapy. Shelly, Stephanie, and the team of therapists are absolutely exceptional at what they do. When they interact with the families, they do so with such grace, expertise, and passion. The therapists are the best occupational therapists that I have came across and their outstanding performance definitely shows that they have a strong background in multiple disciplines of OT. Chicago Occupational Therapy considers the specific needs of the family and provides therapy at the clinic, in-home, and within schools. The therapists make sure to build positive, caring, and fun relationships with the kiddos which is reflected in the interactions they have with them. If you have any questions, they go the extra mile to make sure everyone is on board and help break things down. I would recommend Chicago Occupational Therapy to anyone looking for pediatric services!

Shelly is incredible! She worked with my son for 3 + years and always brought out the best in him. She is experienced, skilled, creative and always brings a positive attitude to everything she does. Under her guidance my son gained leaps and bounds in his motor, cognitive and interpersonal skills. She always expected the best from him, but also was able to compromise to make each session with him fun and positive… a skill I have rarely seen. We were sad to move out of the area and leave Shelly behind.. now we compare every other therapist to Shelly, none have even come close. Everyone with a child with autism should have a “Shelly”!

I was supposed to write this review month ago before Stephanie left. Thank you so much for your time, dedications, and cares. You are the best OT that we have ever known. My daughter learned a lot from you since day 1. Stephanie had a magic talk that engaged my daughter to each activity. Stephanie always gave us a feed back after each session so we know our daughter’s progress and what we should to do to help her. All the toys and games that Stephanie recommended or gave, my daughter still loves and plays every day. Words were so cheap to express our appreciation. It was sad to see you left. We wish you the best. Also, many thanks to CST staffs, Karen G., Mandy J., and many more. You guys are amazing and always there for us when we need help or have a question.