Signs Your Students Might Benefit from Occupational Therapy


This illustrated guide provides information about occupational therapy techniques to help challenging classroom behaviors. It provides a description in regards to what occupational therapy is, how children can benefit from occupational therapy, and examples of how to implement strategies in the classroom.


Title: Signs Your Students Might Benefit from Occupational Therapy

Authors: Shelly Sears, Sarah Zaas, Amanda Cortese, Rebecca Prosser

Occupational therapy is a healthcare field that assists with an individual’s occupation (daily tasks and activities), specific to their needs.

For children, occupational therapy will focus on play skills, self-help skills, engagement in educational activities, and exploration of the world around them.

When a child experiences challenges, he or she may demonstrate skill difficulties in various areas.

This also means that occupational therapy will look different for every child, as treatment depends on their unique behaviors and needs.