Foundations of Handwriting (Full Bundle)


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The full bundle of Foundations of Handwriting includes the digital book and one free level of materials targeted at fine motor skills.

The book includes a guided program that can be used in various settings such as preschools, therapeutic schools, kindergarten handwriting lessons, and homeschooling. It can be utilized by teachers who have preschool students struggling with pre-writing skills, and by therapists who are treating children with developmental delays. Additionally, it can be used as a guide for families of typically developing children to facilitate foundational skills that will set them up for future academic success.

It also includes an in-depth informational section that explains the concepts and foundations that are utilized throughout. In addition, this section features tips, helpful skills, and concerns that therapists, teachers, and parents may be interested in learning more about. The topics include:

  • Developmental Grasp Patterns
  • Fine and Visual Motor Developmental Milestones
  • Development of Shape and Letter Recognition/Formation
  • Defining Foundational Handwriting Skills
  • Quick Tips and Tricks
  • Common Handwriting Concerns and FAQs
  • Regulation Strategies

Accompanying the Foundations of Handwriting is a vast collection of recommended activities from Therapy Materials Vault. This collection includes 6 different levels of printable activities that are measured based on skill. Choose one level that is the most fit for your kiddo for free.

  • Level A is suggested for 1-2 year olds
  • Level B is suggested for 3 year olds
  • Level C is suggested for 4 year olds
  • Level D is suggested for 5 year olds
  • Level E is suggested for 6 year olds
  • Level F is suggested for 7+ year olds

Also, claim the material that is suggested for all ages.

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