Level D (5 Year Olds)



Download over 400 pages of fine motor activities suggested for kiddos in the Level D area (age 5).

The materials that are included are:

  • Emotions Memory Game
  • Form Constancy Activities
  • Letter and Number Reversals Packet
  • Make a Stick Figure
  • Playdough Mats: Lowercase Letters
  • Playdough Mats: Numbers
  • Seasonal Connect the Dots Collection
  • Spatial Relations Activities
  • Under the Sea Tangrams
  • Visual Spatial Coloring Activity
  • Occupational Therapy Summer Activity Guide
  • My First Handwriting Book (Uppercase Letters 5-8)
  • My First Handwriting Book (Lowercase Letters 4-5)
  • My First Handwriting Book: Activities for Introducing Lowercase Letters (1-5)