What are Z-Vibes in Pediatric Occupational Therapy?

Does your child experience issues with oral motor skills, feeding, or speech? If your child is currently enrolled in feeding therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy, the Z-Vibes tool might be incredibly helpful to incorporate. So, what exactly is a Z-Vibes?

The Z-Vibes is a therapeutic tool developed by ARK Therapeutic Services, Inc. for children who experience issues with feeding, speech, and sensory integration skills. There are many different types of Z-Vibes available to meet a range of different needs, including spoons, toys to chew, toothbrushes, pencils, pens, weighted pens/pencils, and crayons. Each of the Z-Vibes models vibrates, which serves a therapeutic purpose for children with sensory issues. The additional sensory input can be extremely beneficial in building a range of different skills.

Sensory issues in children
Children may experience sensory issues as a result of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or sensory processing disorder (SPD). When a child experiences issues with sensory information, their brain is processing the sensory input in a different way than their peers who have typically developing sensory integration. In these instances, pediatric occupational therapy or feeding therapy may help the child to improve their responses to sensory information. Sensory issues also present differently in every child, so some children may be highly sensitive to sensory information, while others have a decreased sensitivity to sensory information. Children with a decreased sensitivity may develop tendencies to seek out additional sensory input, such as chewing on writing utensils or running into objects.

The Z-Vibes is helpful for children who experience issues with oral motor skills. These skills are necessary for eating and speech, so Z-Vibes can help to ensure that the child is able to do both of these successfully. In order to improve oral motor skills, a pediatric occupational therapists will use Z-Vibes and other therapeutic techniques to work these muscles in the mouth.

Why does the vibration help?
The vibration of Z-Vibes tools can be calming and therapeutic to children with oral or tactile defensiveness.

Questions about Z-Vibes?
The ARK website provides great information about all of their Z-Vibes products, and they even provide a guide with techniques and tips.

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