Types of Equipment Used in a Pediatric Occupational Therapy Clinic

Many different tools and equipment can be used in an occupational therapy clinic. The equipment is used to provide assistance and rehabilitation. Types of equipment can vary from helping support certain parts of the body to strengthening muscle control. The equipment that are covered in this article can function as therapy tools for the occupational therapist and fun activities for the child.

One piece of equipment that is seen in an occupational therapy clinic is a trampoline. Trampolines are not only fun for children, but they offer many benefits during occupational therapy. Trampolines can help with sensory input by helping the body sense movement through communication of the joints and muscles. Trampolines can also allow for muscle development, strengthen bones and allow for better body control. Occupational therapists use trampolines during therapy to not only allow children to play.UnknownObstacle courses
These can also be found in occupational therapy clinics. Obstacle courses allow for multiple goals to be treated at once during therapy. Some of these goals can be directed toward gross motor skills such as posture control, body coordination, and muscle strength. Fine motor skills such as eye hand coordination and grasp strength can also be targeted using obstacle courses. Obstacle courses promote different vestibular movements to happen throughout the course. Example of these vestibular movements include jumping up and down, swinging, and going side to side.


Another type of equipment you might see in an occupational therapy clinic are swings. There are many different swings that can be used in an occupational therapy setting, each having their own purpose towards therapy. Occupational therapist use swings as a type of therapy for increasing body awareness, improving strength of the upper and lower extremities, and improving the vestibular system. Not only can swings be used to target goals during therapy, but they can be used to calm children who may be overstimulated. Swings are a great way to help the child relax during therapy and enjoy a fun break!

Weighted vests

These are also seen in occupational therapy clinics. They can be integrated to target goals of children with sensory processing disorders and children with autism.Weighted vests can also be used with children who may need calming to help hyper-responsiveness and ADHD. The constant pressure of the vest can allow calmness which carries over even after the vest is off. The time of wearing the weighted vest can vary from 10 minutes to the whole therapy session. Weighted vests should be worn when the child is needing to be calm or focused.wr1809_blue_weighted_compression_vest_silo