Tips from an OT on How to Improve Your Child’s Handwriting

Writing can be a difficult task for many of our young kiddos. It involves a lot of fine motor skills that most children have not acquired yet. Writing can be one of the most important things a child learns during school. Because of this, practice is key! The more children practice their writing, the more comfortable they will be with holding writing utensils and also with the utensil holding grip. Here are some great, and even fun, tips to help your child enjoy writing.

1) Use lined paper
Help your child out! If they are just in the beginning stages of learning to write, using lined paper can help them write straight. It also gives them direction of where to go next. Writing on the lines helps with organization and even starts to teach your child the rules of writing. Lined paper can also help your child know how big they should make their letters. It is a great tool to use when your child is learning the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters.

2) Easy grips
These gel grips come in all different colors and can help our kiddos with heightened sensory awareness. They may not like the hard feel of the wooden pencil or a plastic pen. Using the gel grips makes the writing utensil easier and more fun to hold. It makes the utensil a little bit bigger so our friends with smaller hands can get a better grip. This is also a fun way to help your child express themselves. Let them pick a new color gel grip each day to keep it interesting! They are affordable and easy to find.

Games can be a great way to improve your child’s handwriting! Using writing in a game setting can take the pressure off and also show your child how important writing can be. Children get used to writing in school on a piece of paper. Play games like hangman on a big white board with dry erase markers or Pictionary on a big sheet of paper to help your child use their writing and drawing skills. You don’t have to just limit this to family game nights! Pretend your child is a movie star and ask for their autograph! Using writing in a fun and competitive environment can be great practice and also make writing and drawing fun.

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