Fine Motor Activities To Do At Home, Recommended by an OT

Like everything else, to be proficient at a skill, you need practice. To improve your child’s fine motor skills, the best thing we suggest to do is to practice! These wide variety of ideas range from fun with playdoh to pop beads you can find at the dollar store. The ideas below are fun and a great way to practice those fine motor skills that are so difficult to master.

1) Pop Beads
These beads are a fun and cheap way to practice fine motor skills. They are small and can connect together. All your child has to do is get a hold of the beads and push them together. This helps works on the pincer grasp as well as holding small objects. You can find them at the dollar store or on Amazon!


2) Hole Punching
This activity is great for practicing fine motor skills. Most parents don’t think that something as simple as a small hole puncher can help with motor development. Using a hole puncher targets those special grasping muscles that are necessary when learning how to write. An easy activity to pair with hole punching can be making strips with letters on them. A fun activity could be having your child say the sound out loud and then punching the sheet of paper after. This activity works on both fine motor skills and articulation! A hole puncher and cardstock paper can be found at your local craft store.


3) Playdoh Letters
Parents, playdoh does wonders. This is another activity where you can work on language and fine motor skills at the same time. All you need is some fun playdoh and then single, individual sheets of letters of the alphabet. Have fun with your child as they turn the playdoh into letters! For more activities, enjoy acting out fun animals that begin with each letter (C for cat – Meow)! Playdoh and cardstock can be ordered online or picked up from your local crafts store.


4) Rice Bowl Search Party
This activity is fast to set up and all the materials can be found just around your house. All you need to do is poor 2 cups of uncooked rice into a bowl. Then, find small beads (or fun erasers!) to put into the bowl. After that, give your child some tweezers and let them search around the bowl for a fun surprise!


5) Shaving Cream Drawing
This activity can be messy but totally worth it! All you need is a shaving cream and a big tray. Your child can work on their fine motor skills by writing in the shaving cream with their finger. This gives them a way to practice pointing and to also strengthen their hand muscles.


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