Good Night Reads for Kids With Special Needs


You may be looking for that perfect book to share with your child who may have Down Syndrome. Reading the right book can be a great way to connect with your child during their bedtime routine, but also give them the assurance that they are not different at all. We have composed a list of the 5 best books that would be great reads for bed-time.

1. “Why Are You Looking At Me? I Just Have Down Syndrome” by Lisa Tompkins

Lisa Tompkins, an author and a mother wrote this book on behalf of 23 year old daughter who was has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome. The protagonist of the story, is based off her daughter Lynette address the importance of embracing being different. The book helps other children to realize of how to accept others who appear to be different and be able to build relationships with them.

2. “In My World: Down Syndrome” by Gabriella Llano & Tiziana Vazquez

Mika, a nine-year-old girl struggles to fit in, when she feels like she is not like everyone else. Mika’s mom and brother continue to shower her love and support no matter how Mika feels about herself in the inside. This book is a great reminder that kids with special needs are uniquely beautifully, and their uniqueness truly separates them in a beautiful way.

3. “My Friend Has Down Syndrome” by Jennifer Moore Mallinos

This book is perfect for young children who may be curious about other children who may seem different from them. To help establish an understanding, this book is great to help school-aged children to recognize the differences to help them get through challenges and fears. The two characters that are in this book, are two friends who one is with Down Syndrome, and another who is not. They realize by working together, they can accomplish a whole lot!

4. “My Friend Isabelle” by Eliza Woloson

“My Friend Isabelle” is a great book that is geared to children who are six years and younger. The story talks about two friends named Charlie and Isabelle. It then unfolds to perspective of Isabelle’s mother who brings into perspective of what makes a friendship remarkable. It helps children realize that children with Down Syndrome are a lot similar, even though they may appear to be different. This is perfect to read to your child during bed-time!

5. “We’ll Paint the Octopus Red” by Stephanie Boodeen

Emma is excited to be a new big sister! She begins dreaming about having the time of her life with her new brother Issac. After Issac is born, her Dad informs Issac about being born with Down Syndrome. Puzzled, Emma is curious to know what she should be aware of what Issac may not be able to do. Her dad reassures her that if they continue to be patient with him, there is absolutely nothing he cannot do! The father and daughter build a special bond that helps them realize that Issac is truly perfect for them.