Top Toddler Toys for the Home Recommended by Occupational Therapists

It can be overwhelming for parents to know which toys are the best to keep their child entertained and motivated when stores have so many options to choose from. Magazines and displays tend to have the extravagant latest battery operated toys. However, these may not always be the best for your child’s developmental growth. Listed are some toys that are recommended and can be beneficial and fun for toddlers.

Toddlers: At this age, developing gross and fine motor skills is key as the child begins to learn more. It is also a time to incorporate more imaginative play. Having toys that appeal to the child while being active will be an awesome way to have fun. Wood blocks, rollers, and puzzles are splendid ways to get your child involved!

1. Wood Blocks

Wood blocks are a great way to encourage your young toddler to explore and create anything they can think of. Playing with the blocks can help teach colors, patterns, sorting, matching, and cause and effect. Building blocks are a dream come true with many fun activities to integrate!

2. Plan Toys Roller

Toys designed for walking and rolling promote healthy child development. Vestibular processing refers to movement and balance sensations which is targeted during this type of play. You are able to include acceleration, start and stop, direction, and patterns.

3. Latch and Dressing Puzzles

Latch and dressing puzzles are a terrific activity to develop fine motor and life skills. Puzzles can vary in color and objectives, such as learning how to work with latches, locations, shapes, colors and much more. It adds some fun to your day and is a great way to engage with your child while helping them learn new concepts!

There are endless amounts of toys, but considering the function and objective will help in your search for the best developmental toys for your child.