Chicago Occupational Therapy Recommends the Best Pediatric Therapy Apps

In our ever-changing world, technology has taken center stage. It is not unusual to see a kiddo using an iPad like a professional. There are so many useful resources for our avid iPad users. The occupational therapists at Chicago Occupational Therapy have compiled a list of apps that they have found to be most useful. These apps can aid in daily routines and can help motivate kiddos to learn!

1) Letterschool
This app is perfect for kids who are trying to learn their letters and numbers. It allows for three different ways to learn each letter/number and offers fun and interactive alternatives to the typically mundane handwriting.


2) Dexteria
An occupational therapist created this app hoping to target fine motor skills, handwriting, in-hand manipulation skills, and grasping.


3) LetterReflex
This app was created by the same folks who created Dexteria. LetterReflex helps children overcome letter and number reversals through a series of games. This assists with improving fine-motor skills.


4) Uncolor
This app is great for kids who are underdeveloped in terms of fine motor and grasping skills. They can “uncolor” a picture by swiping their finger across the screen, promoting fine motor skills and finger isolation.


5) My Underwear
This app allows children to design their own underwear and match them while working on hand-eye coordination, memory, motor skills, and sequencing.


6) iwritewords
This app helps children learn their letters, numbers, and simple words. This app has multiple visual reward systems to keep the game fun and also keeps your child motivated.


7) Sleep Pillow
This app is great for auditory sensitive children. Sleep Pillow provides many soothing background noises and a metronome for therapy activities. They even have calming sounds!


8) Pocket Pond
This is the perfect app for children with sensory processing difficulties. You can build and interact with your own koi pond by feeding the fish, tapping the screening, listening to the pond, and so much more. This app is also very visually relaxing.


9) See Touch Learn
This app was originally designed for children on the Autism Spectrum. It helps them learn how to name nouns, sounds, and emotions through visuals. This app is quite popular among many therapeutic communities and is very interactive for children getting occupational therapy.

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