5 of the Best Fine Motor Skills Games for Children

Many children seek occupational therapy (OT) to build skills needed to complete daily activities that involve sensory and motor skills, as well as many other skills. While many children may see an occupational therapist in a school or clinical setting, the occupational therapy lessons do not have to stop there. If parents or teachers wish to incorporate occupational therapy lessons at home or at school, there are many fun ways to do so. If a child is working on strengthening their fine motor skills in OT sessions, there are many games to improve fine motor skills. The best part is that children do not even realize this is “therapy,” since it is formatted as a game.

Now, you might wonder whether fine motor skills games for children would be more expensive than other games on the market. Believe it or not, many “standard” games on the market actually help to improve fine motor skills.

Here are some examples of games for fine motor skills that you may or may not already have.

Legos: A household staple for most children. While you may know that there are different developmental and educational benefits to playing with Legos, they can also be used to improve fine motor skills. Since the pieces are so tiny and require fine motor skills to attach them together, children can build these skills by playing with Legos (or similar building blocks). Click here to order your own set of Legos. 

Games with a board you have to lace up: While many of us played with these growing up, they also helped to develop our fine motor skills by lacing the string through different holes on the board. Click here to get your own.

Feed the Woozle: This game is becoming quite popular with young children and parents alike. Kiddos have fun playing this game, but parents also appreciate it for the range of skills that it helps to build, including fine motor skills. Get yours on Amazon by clicking here.

Play Doh: We have all grown up playing with Play Doh, and whether or not we knew it at the time, we were building fine motor skills as we did. As children play with Play Doh, they strengthen the muscles in their hands that are used in fine motor skills. Here is a link to a basic set on Amazon.

Math cubes or linking beads: Many of us used these cubes to learn simple math in elementary school, but these cubes can also double as practice with fine motor skills. Snapping the blocks together helps to strengthen muscles in the hand, which children use in activities requiring fine motor skills. Click here for a link on Amazon.

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