3 Major Benefits of Home-Based Pediatric Occupational Therapy

In-home pediatric occupational therapy is when the the therapist provides their services in the comfort of the families own home. The individualized team of therapists are provided based on the skills and needs that align with the child’s goals. Having a familiar environment to work in may be beneficial for you as a parent, as well as the child. Home-based therapy can be an important tool in your child’s development and make a positive change. Listed below are three benefits of in-home pediatric occupational therapy.

1. Convenience

With in-home therapy, services are provided at the comfort of your own home. The therapist comes to you so there is no extra hassle to make it to an appointment in your already busy lives. Talk about energy saving! The therapy also takes place within the family’s routine and incorporates the families own resources. It is a great way to help make the home an appropriate therapeutic place for your child!

2. Functional
When the child is provided occupational therapy services at home, they may be happier and more relaxed which can lead to increased participation and improved outcomes. As a parent, you are nearby and are able to observe valuable tools and be empowered as a caregiver. The in-home therapy will not cause an overwhelming change in routine since the child will be in a familiar area.

3. Privacy
Home-based therapy is favorable when worried about safety and privacy. Being at home, you do not have to worry about being exposed to as many illnesses that you normally might in a public setting. If you are worried about specific confidentiality of your family, in-home therapy allows you the privacy you desire. Being at home, gives parents the luxury of having a more intimate setting.
Pediatric occupational therapy enables children to develop, retain, and eventually master daily life skills. Through a combination of developmental and play activities, interventions, sensory integration and sensory processing activities occupational therapists aim to improve a child’s overall ability to participate in daily life activities. Goals and outcomes differ with each child. Home-based therapy is definitely a service to consider when finding what best fits your individual needs.