Thera-putty for Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Unknown 5.04.09 PM

Theraputty is a popular occupational therapy tool used to strengthen hands and arms. It is a non-toxic and stain-proof putty that can be stretched, squeezed, pinched, kneaded, rolled, twisted and more! It is available in different levels of resistance allowing for the ability to work up to the most firm as strength increases. There are a variety of exercises to do with the putty that can help in grip strengthening, finger & thumb strengthening and fine motor skills. This has been proven to be extremely helpful for children who may suffer from low muscle tone or who need to work on their fine motor skills

7 Thera-putty Activities

Hide & Seek: hide small plastic beads or balls within the putty and allow the child to search for the pieces.


Create Shapes: Draw different pictures of shapes on paper and allow the child to copy or create the shapes with the putty.


Play Dress-up With A Doll: Allow the child to dress a plastic doll with theta-putty as the clothes. Creating clothes for the shape of the doll such as skirts, pants or shirts is another way for the child to work on their fine motor skills.

Stamping: This is a cool opportunity for kids to work on both fine motor and literacy skills. Let the kids use small stamps of individual letters to punch the letters into the putty.


Make Confetti: By pulling the putty apart into smaller pieces, the child practices their pincer grasp.


Snakes: Rolling play-doh into snake shapes is something most children are familiar with. This will help to develop hand strength.


Putty In A Bag: Some children may be sensitive to the texture of the putty, however there is still a way for them to play with it. Put the putty into a plastic bag. You can add beads, glitter, water or other materials to the bag and let them play with the contents inside. This allows them to still work on their fine motor skills in a different way than direct content.